Only 3 days left!

Hello everyone WE HAVE MADE OUR GOAL AND COUNTING!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO HAS CONTRIBUTED FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR RECORDING HEARTS!! If you’ve checked out the indiegogo page you will see that our actual costs are estimated at about 15,000 bones total for everything.. so the more donations the merrier! If you want the record you should pre-order it anyhow, so get on there and get one! Also there are still perks left, music lessons with Elliot, climbing with Todd, Erin’s guitar, house shows, guest list for life, records, shirts, cd’s… the WORKS!! Our campaign will expire on FRIDAY night at midnight so if you’re gonna get something get it before then! Annnnnd we’re still in the studio at this moment, Erin is just finishing up guitar and then on to Todd to finish up vocals as well as Elliot slaying some sweet keys!