It Can’t Be Just Me

New video for new track off the new album. Produced by Clay of eargoggles fame.

5 Responses to “It Can’t Be Just Me”

  1. Native Trash

    Fucking awesome man

  2. Jason Poulin

    Cool video!! I like when that security guy gets electricuted from Todd yanking on the cam cords. And the eyes at the beginning, holy fucken creepy. Good job to all you guys!

  3. badassmotherfucker

    dammm,that gal in the swank hat n dark outfit strutin her stuff in the mall is fine..ouch!!

    Big up the vid!!!!

  4. blackkathy

    We think this video is very good.
    Love Mom and Dad
    aka John & Kathy

  5. Halv

    Great new album, great vid!!! Hope you are playing another show in YVR soon. I missed the last one.


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