New Album Fundraiser Tour

We’ve been pretty quiet since we got back from Europe but don’t think we haven’t been hard at work. We’ve got about a dozen new tunes rarin to go. We just need a little cash to make them happen.

In April and May we’ll be playing around BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan to raise money for studio time.These include local shows, some all agers, and a sweet festival in Regina. We also need to make it up to folks in Calgary, Edmonton and the Crannog brewery for bailing on you last year when Travis broke his leg. Still sorry about that!

Come out and be the first to hear the new songs!

Tour Dates

No shows in the archive yet.

2 Responses to “New Album Fundraiser Tour”

  1. S Phillips

    I love your sound.good work keep it up.cheers

  2. S Phillips

    I love your sound. Good work. Cheers


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