Pre-order/donate to our upcoming album!

Alright, here goes nothing…

We are excited to be heading into the studio to record our fourth full-length! We’ve been crafting our tunes over the past year and have studio time booked with Jesse Gander starting in May.

Our new material draws on our tradition of DIY ethics, critical anthems and pulling the punk rock community together. It’s the culmination of all the things we’ve learned, good or bad through the last 4 releases. It will also feature a guest appearance by local folk hero and our friend Jeff Andrew with his violin.

We’re super stoked because this should be our best album yet! We’re also totally, utterly broke.

We’ve launched an indiegogo campaign, where you can pre-order/contribute to making the next album happen. We’re new to this whole crowdsourcing thing, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions about the perks we’re offering let us know.

Also if you want to contribute but don’t have money, sharing the campaign on your social networks would help us out a lot.



IndieGogo link


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